About Amber

My husband Kevin and I made Ajax our home over a decade ago. It’s where we built our family and where our kids are growing up. Our two children go to school here, play in the parks here, and it’s where our favourite local businesses are. Ajax is our community – and I will never stop fighting for a better future for all Ajacians.

I’m a proud career public school elementary teacher, where I connect with students and parents in our community every day. I am also an elected teachers union representative where I advocate on behalf of educators for better schools, and an improved public education system for all our kids.

In the early days of my teaching career, I understood that resources and support for teachers and students was lacking. When our daughter and son started school, I was able to see the gaps in our public education system from a parent’s perspective. These included cuts to the hot meal program which negatively impacting kids in low-income neighbourhoods, cuts to wrap-around services like music programming, and cuts to additional supports for children living with autism. Addressing this need for change became a pressing issue for me, so I got involved, and began advocating on behalf of educators and kids for better schools, and an improved public education system.

As a public elementary school teacher, trade unionist, mom, and Ajax resident, I want to bring the energy and dreams of Ajacians to Queen’s Park. Amber Bowen